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Types of Pagers

Western Communication offers a wide assortment of voice, numeric and alpha-numeric display pagers with many features and pager accessories. We have the right pager to fit your lifestyle and personality.

Alpha-Numeric Pagers - When a phone number just isn't enough. Alpha-numeric pagers inform you with an entire message consisting of text and numbers.

Voice Pagers - Audio messages are transmitted over the pager. Some pagers come with a voice storage feature that allows you to move to a quiet area and listen to the message a second time. Length of message time can be programmed to meet individual needs.

Numeric Display Pagers - Callers enter a 1 to 10 digit number which is then displayed on the pager. Pagers alert you with either a tone or vibrate option.

Paging Plans

Basic Paging Plan - For a low monthly fee, you can receive unlimited pages within our coverage areas from anywhere in the world.

Voice Mail Plan - This plan includes basic paging, voice mail with notify, and personalized greetings all for one monthly fee.

Create-A-Plan - Create a paging plan to fit your personal needs. Choose from a number of add-on features to create the plan of your choice.

Baby/Medical Pagers - FREE use of pagers, including service, is given to expecting parents in their final trimester of pregnancy and to prospective organ transplant recipients.

Leasing Plan - If a temporary paging solution is what you need, pagers can be rented on a monthly basis. Fees include equipment rental and paging service.

Additional Add-On Features

Paging Insurance - For those times when you need to turn your pager off, this feature allows you to store and recall numeric pages at your convenience.

Repeat Page - Need to find a quiet place to listen to your voice messages? The repeat page feature is set to repeat the page after a 5 - 60 second delay. You decide the length of the delay. (Available with voice pagers only.)

Voice Mail with Notify - Let your pager alert you of incoming voice mail messages. Voice mails are stored for a 24 hour period and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Personalized Greetings - Allows you to leave a welcome message in your own voice!
Group Paging - This feature directs the system to take several unrelated pager numbers and have them paged out as a group. This is a simple way of contacting your entire staff with one phone call.

800 Numbers - An 800 Number is assigned to your local pager number allowing out-of-area callers an inexpensive way of contacting your pager and voice mailbox.

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